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Land tax


Stamp Duty – Transfer Land, Motor Vehicles,

Stamp Duty

Payroll Tax

Pay Calculator


The online estimators let you estimate or compare payments, based on your current or proposed circumstances.

Rate estimator

Use the rate estimator to calculate:

  • Centrelink payments, including pensions and allowances
  • Family assistance, including Family Tax Benefit and child support
  • Child care fee assistance
  • Compensation impacts

Child support estimator

Calculate your support payments without factoring in family assistance using the child support estimator.

Child support care estimator

Calculate the percentage of care you have for each child using the child support care estimator. The care percentage helps you to calculate the child support amount that you pay or receive.

Loan Repayment Calculators


Disclaimer: These links and calculators are intended to provide indicative results only which do not constitute financial advice. Calculators are a good way to help you start your planning process. They should not be relied upon exclusively. These are useful in providing a general overview of your financial situation, however, it’s important to understand that these links and calculators should be used as a planning tool only. You will not get complete or exact answers as individual circumstances will vary from one client to another and these variations will not have been fully considered. We recommend that you contact us to discuss your objectives so that specific planning strategies can be tailored and developed, appropriate to meet your individual needs.