Business Services

Most people go into business for all the right reasons. They want lifestyle, freedom, and the ability to choose their own hours.

Business in today’s world can be stressful and very demanding. The importance of obtaining good, sound and timely advice before you venture down the ‘own-business-path’ is crucial. The idea of being self-employed has a fantasy feel about it … lots of perceived promises … ‘I can come and go as I please’ … ‘I will make lots of money’ … ‘I can be my own boss’ … etc. All of this can of course become reality.

However, without forward planning, budget forecasting and implementation and monitoring of business strategies, the reality can often be far from the fantasy. As a business owner responsibilities increase and legal obligations are greater. If you don’t work you don’t get paid, no-one pays your annual leave, sick leave, or public holidays. Customers may not always pay on time. Your cash flow may not always be there when you need it.

This can be avoided and your fantasy can still become a reality!

Get the right advice! At the right time – before you start!

The key is to manage, measure, review and correct the business’ performance against your forecasts … ‘Keep the finger on the pulse’.

We at Jack Salem & Associates are equipped to advise you on what is necessary to start your business. We can assist you in the selection of the right business structure for your personal situation and needs. You should seek our advice before you start; after, more often than not can be too late and very costly to correct.

Over the many years we have expanded our range of services to meet the increasing demands of our clients, including accounting, taxation, business consultation and financial services.

If you are thinking of starting a new business or have been operating for many years; find yourself in need of some sound professional advice, take advantage of our expertise and our range of business services:

  • Business Appraisals
  • Business Benchmarking
  • Business Start Up / Wind Up
  • Business Structure Selection and Restructuring
  • Business Coaching and Consulting
  • Business Planning and Profit Forecasting
  • Buying a Business – Advice and Reviews
  • Selling a Business – Advice and Preparation
  • Asset Protection Considerations

We cater to all the needs of small business; contact us on (03) 9736 1877 and arrange for a confidential appointment.

Business Services

Business Start Up & Wind Up

Starting your own business requires planning, research and a high level of organization. Jack Salem & Associates has over many years assisted business’ in their start up and development and onto their success. We can do the same for you.

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Structure Selection & Restructuring

Whether business structuring or business restructuring, companies and organizations can rely on the expert advice and direction of the experienced team at Jack Salem & Associates.

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