Accounting Services

In a fast moving world, we need to keep up with the pace of life or risk being left behind. Whether you are running a home-based-business or a Conglomerate the principles are the same – the key is: knowing where you have been, knowing where you are at, and knowing where you are going or intend to be.

The importance of timely, accurate and ‘finger on the pulse’ information has never been more important or more critical. Management decisions, strategies and planning are as good as the information available at the time and how well the information is being used and interpreted. Poor information lead to poor management decisions. Poor management decisions lead to poor business performance.

At Jack`s Accountancy we recognize the importance of this information and look to providing our clients with timely and accurate advice, a complete financial solution for their business so that their business is performing at its optimum level.

Our Firm prides itself on taking our clients problems as if they were our own, and we will not be satisfied until we have reached a suitable conclusion. We cover a wide range of accounting service and adapt our services to our clients’ individual need.

Some of our client tailored accounting services include :

  • GST / PAYG Compliance
  • Financial Reporting
  • Bookkeeping & Payroll Services
  • Budgeting, Cashflow & Profit Forecasting
  • Management Accounting & Advising
  • Accounting System Reviews and Implementation

Accounting Services

GST Compliance

Jack Salem & Associates ensures that your business is receiving the full amount of GST credits owing from the ATO and ensure that your GST compliance is up to date and any obligations have been met.

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Financial Reporting

Financial reporting is the disclosure of financial results and related information to management and external stakeholders about how a company is performing over a specific period of time. Our experts team can assist you for preparing accurate and efficient reports.

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Bookkeeping & Payroll

We offer a wide range of bookkeeping and payroll services for small and medium sized businesses including BAS preparation, Annual Payment Summaries, Software setup.

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Accounting Systems Implementation & Setup

We will assist you to choose suitable software package for your business and able to help you to set up and provide training for particular accounting program to make sure you will generate specific reports in no time.

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